Air diffusers with internal structures based on non-scientific principles.

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Air diffuser for water treatment, chemical reaction.OHR AERATOR

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WARNING: Beware of the following when choosing an air diffuser.

Air diffusers with internal structures based on non-scientific principles.

Oxygen is hard to dissolve in water and is much lighter than water.

Oxygen is difficult to dissolve in water. Also, the weight of air is only 1/773 the weight of water so air will rise up very quickly to
the water surface. This means that the discharged air bubbles from air diffusers on the tank bottom go up to the water surface in
a very short time. Therefore air diffuser must have a strong mixing function that can mix gas-liquid instantaneously. Please be
aware that many air diffusers can not quickly and efficiently dissolve oxygen in water because their internal structures are not
designed according to scientific principles.

The main idea behind porous air diffusers is that as much oxygen is dissolved into water as
possible when making small bubbles which results in a larger water and air surface contact area.

The porous air diffusers have many fine pores of a few hundred microns in size. In order to make as much oxygen dissolve as
possible into water, porous air diffusers discharge small air bubbles into water and so increasing the surface contact area. Also
air flows more slowly and stays in water longer. This is the way the porous air diffuser works. However porous air diffusers can not
dissolve oxygen effectively in wastewater which has many impurities because porous air diffusers simply discharge uniformed
5 to 20mm size bubbles and do not have mixing functions. (See more details on the link below.)
It is a serious defect of the porous air diffusers that there is no function to forcibly dissolve oxygen into water.

Alpha value

Vertical air diffusers must have a strong gas-liquid mixing function.

Before the OHR AERATOR, there was no air diffuser with a fluids (gas and liquid) mixing function. The original idea of OHR is that
coarse bubbles are discharged from one large diameter opening and then fluids contact/react inside hydrodynamic designed
structures. This is the mixing function. It is well known and accepted in the industry that the OHR AERATOR is very effective in
wastewater treatment and chemical reaction acceleration. See real cases.

Real case examples

There are now many vertical air diffusers on the market because it is now common knowledge in the wastewater treatment
industry in Japan and increasingly around the world that a mixing function is necessary for all air diffusers. However the
discharged bubbles from vertical air diffusers are large in size so the bubble rising speed is especially fast and the surface area
is small. If the inside structure is over complicated in order to increase the mixing ability, the risk of clogging increases. The
compatibility of a strong mixing function and no clogging structure is required for vertical air diffusers. This is why it is very
difficult to design effective inside structures. As a result all vertical air diffusers except OHR will clog or have inadequate mixing
functions because they are designed according to non-scientific principles.

Effective air diffuser mechanisms are designed according to sound scientific principles.

Please evaluate whether there is scientific support for the mechanism of air diffusers.
Air diffusers are used under extremely harsh conditions and must be able to do the following.
 1) Fluids must contact and be broken down powerfully in an instant.
 2) 50~90°C high hot air is blown through the air diffusers installed on the tank bottom of several meters water depth.
 3) Even when used in a liquid containing a high concentration of SS (suspended solids), the air diffusers should not clog even
  after a long time.

Air diffuser is a "reaction accelerator" of gas and liquid. To be a reaction accelerator an air diffuser must have a mechanism
based on the laws of physics and chemistry. The OHR AERATOR has unique structures based on aerodynamics that strongly and
instantaneously mix gas and liquid. Please see the following mechanism diagram and compare it with air diffusers made by other


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