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Air diffuser for water treatment and chemical reactionOHR AERATOR

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The Ultimate Air Diffuser

There are many air diffusers on the market for wastewater treatment. Unfortunately most of these air diffusers require constant replacement, cleaning and maintenance. As a result many wastewater treatment facilities have to deal with constant serious maintenance problems. The OHR AERATOR is the best air diffuser on the market. It has the only mixing function in the world and a unique mechanism. OHR Aerator product photo


Never clogs

A large air discharge opening of 30mm

Most air diffuser manufacturers claim ‘No clogging’ or ‘Reduced clogging’.
However, if you have ever worked in a wastewater treatment facility, you will have experienced clogging with these air diffusers. It is hard to find a genuine no clogging air diffuser. Please see the reasons why the OHR AERATOR does not clog, and find out whether our explanations are true or not.


Generates many fine bubbles

3.3 times more fine bubbles than porous air diffusers

When the OHR AERATOR and rubber porous air diffusers are operated under the same conditions, the OHR AERATOR generates 3.3 times the amount of fine bubbles (approx 100μm size) than rubber porous air diffusers. Why does the OHR AERATOR generate many fine bubbles despite having a large opening? The reason is the OHR AERATOR has the strongest Gas-Liquid mixing function.

Cross-section of the AERATOR

Alpha Value is 1.0

Specifically designed for harsh environments

The OHR AERATOR has a very strong mixing function, which is also used for chemical reaction accerelation. Therefore, Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR) of OHR AERATOR does not change between clean water and actual wastewater. That is, the Alpha value is 1.0.
(OTR of conventional air diffusers is drastically reduced in actual wastewater treatment because they have no mixing function.)

Microbubble Photo

The only air diffuser with two functions

Simultaneously achieves ‘gas dissolution’ and ‘sludge accumulation prevention’

The OHR AERATOR generates both coarse bubbles and fine bubbles simultaneously. The coarse bubbles generate a very strong upward water flow, which prevents sludge accumulation. The fine bubbles contribute to increasing DO value. These two kinds of bubbles are absolutely imperative for effective wastewater treatment.
In addition, strong spiral water flows in the OHR AERATOR will wash and clean continuously. Thus, no scale formation after 15 years use.

We will show you the best installation layout plan

Our installation layout plan is based on over 3,600 previous set ups

Because the OHR AERATOR is a unique air diffuser, it must be installed correctly to perform effectively. We will show you the best installation layout plan based on tank size and other information free of charge. Please be assured that if you install the OHR AERATOR strictly according to our installation layout plan, you will achieve the best results.