The risk of installing too many air diffusers./The risk of inappropriate layout.

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WARNING: Beware of the following when choosing an air diffuser—

The risk of installing too many air diffusers.

You should only install the minimum number of air diffusers
necessary for the wastewater treatment facility

Some air diffuser manufacturers install too many air diffusers because they have little confidence in their performance. However, too many air diffusers use an excessive amount of air which causes problems such as poor sedimentation of activated sludge due to over-aeration. Over-aeration can break flocs of microorganisms and cause pin-flocs that do not settle well. In addition, large costs are incurred such as air diffusers’ purchase costs, piping and construction costs, air blower excess running costs, etc.

OHR promises to show the most effective installation plans
using the minimum number of OHR AERATORs

OHR draws up the most efficient installation plans that require only the minimum number of OHR AERATOR units, piping and construction costs, and air blower electricity costs. In addition, we also clearly show the calculation sheet of the required air blowing amount. Please compare the required air volume and the number of air diffusers with other wastewater treatment company’s plans.

The risk of inappropriate layout of air diffusers

Installation layout of air diffusers is very important

If air diffusers are arranged inadequately, activated sludge will accumulate on the aeration tank bottom due to insufficient aeration, and thus the aeration tank becomes oxygen deficient. Even in a wastewater treatment plant built by a major water treatment company, there are many cases where the air diffusers are arranged inadequately. Many people pay attention to the performance of the air diffusers (e.g. oxygen transfer rate), but do not pay attention to the installation layout of the air diffusers.
However, in reality, it is important to be aware that there are many sites where the wastewater treatment becomes worse due to bad air diffuser installation layout, making it necessary to increase the number of air diffusers and amount of air blown.

OHR provides you with the optimal installation layout plan
backed by over 40 years of experience

When you inform us of the tank size (length, width, water depth) and specific conditions (i.e. wastewater volume, BOD and COD value, etc.), we will show you the optimum number of OHR AERATORs, the optimum installation layout plan, piping configuration, and calculation sheet of required air blowing amount (free of charge).
We give an undertaking that optimum aeration can be done without sludge accumulation on the tank bottom when you install OHR AERATORs according to our plans.