OHR AERATOR — specifications

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OHR AERATORInstantaneous gas–liquid reaction diffuser



Oxygen Transfer Rate, Airflow resistance

Oxygen Transfer Rate graph and numerical data/Airflow resistance (against the volume of air supply)


For chemical reacton, special purpose

 Example of use for accelerate chemical reaction :

  • Chemical reaction (gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, solid-liquid) :
    Accelerate chemical reaction of production line of chemical products.
  • Oxidation treatment :
    Oxygenize flue gas desulfurization solution with air. (Oxidation of SO3 to SO4)
  • Accelerate Fenton reaction :
    Mixing and churning to prevent precipitate accumulating.
  • Neutralization processing :
    Eliminate unreacted loss of neutralizer and minimize hunting reaction
    by strong mixing.
  • Gas absorption :
    Incorporate toxic gas into liquid. Generates calcium carbonate by mixing
    hydrated lime water with carbon dioxide contained in exhaust.
  • Degassing :
    VOC or ammonia or other dissolved gas is removed from liquid and discharged.
  • Other : Improve poor mixing.

 Example of use for special purpose :

  • Aeration for pulp water at paper mill :
    Prevent both pulp water decomposition and hydrogen sulfide generation.
  • Remove and prevent sludge accumulation :
    Prevent heavy matter from accumulating at the bottom of a tank.
  • Decrease load of aeration tank in wastewater treatment :
    Increase of oxygen in raw wastewater tank and equalization tank.
  • Improvement of dysoxic water mass :
    Supply oxygen to standing water of dam, lake or pond. Increase oxygen in dysoxic water (groundwater, etc.).
  • Increase in oxygen in cultured water :
    Increase oxygen in water for use in aquaculture, agriculture and irrigation.
    Fine dispersion of micronutrients such as minerals.
  • Flushing of membrane surface : Inhibit membrane fouling by strong aeration flow.
  • Acceleration of cultivation and fermentation :
    Acceleration of cultivation in medicine, food and other industries. Acceleration of various fermentations.
  • Even churning/mixing of fermentation broth : Evenly churn / mix fermentation broth.
  • Other : Improve poor mixing.