OHR MIXER Specs – static mixer

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One special pipe applying aerodynamics goes beyond conventional reaction and mixing levels.OHR MIXER

There are 30 models of OHR MIXER depending on the treatment amount and purpose of use.
It is necessary to carefully judge the treatment volume, permissible pressure loss, usage and other conditions,
and select the suitable model.
For reference, please see the performance table for each model below. OHR will choose the suitable model
based on your conditions. So please feel free to contact us.

Performance table

1) Select the appropriate model for both the treatment volume and permissible pressure loss.

Performance table of stainless-steel OHR MIXER

2) Select F type or E type according to the purpose of use.

Float type (F type) or Ejector type (E type)

3) Select the material according to the purpose of use.

SUS PVC and more.

Other materials available upon
your requests.
Nickel alloy, etc.

※ Specification of heat-resistant PVC-made mixer is different from stainless steel made. Please contact us.

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