[Finely dispersing] Electrostatic aggregated fine powder disintegration and dispersion method

Electrostatic aggregated fine powder disintegration and dispersion method

Disintegrating and finely dispersing powders such as electrode material for batteries, metal powder, ink / pigment

For example, in the battery manufacturing industry, there is a problem with fine metal powder being electrostatically aggregated and it is difficult to disperse into liquid uniformly. But this can be easily solved by the OHR MIXER.
If you pass the slurry into the OHR MIXER using a pump, you can disintegrate (loosen) the electrostatically aggregated powder instantly and finely disperse it into liquid.

Most disintegrators on the market have rotating blades, but the OHR MIXER does not have any moving parts at all.

The following is a real case example of fine metal powder disintegration and fine dispersion.
There was liquid containing ultrafine metal powder at a concentration of 40wt%, but this ultrafine powder aggregated electrostatically and could not be dispersed sufficiently.
By passing the liquid through the OHR MIXER MX-F8 model (minimum model) at a flow rate of 10L/min and pump pressure of 0.5MPa, the powder in the liquid was finely disintegrated and dispersed with one-pass (passed only one time in the OHR MIXER).

The OHR MIXER is one pipe in appearance and the structure is quite simple. There are no moving parts at all. Therefore, it seems that the OHR MIXER has limited mixing capability similar to a general static mixer.
However the OHR MIXER can replace large and complicated equipment because the OHR MIXER has a very strong mixing/reaction capability exceeding conventional equipment.

Please utilize the mixing/reaction capability of the OHR MIXER to solve your problems.